Parcel & Package Handling

Conveyor Systems and Factory Automation for the Unit Handling Industry, with complete Automated control.

Parcel & Package Handling

Overview: Parcel & Package Handling

Conveyortek design a complete range of conveying solutions for the Parcel and Package handling industry. Conveyortek has evolved over the last number of years, developing our Electrical and Automotive Division.

With internet shopping becoming the most convenient and easy way to shop, its becoming increasingly more important to improve our handling of parcels and packaging at sorting and logistic centres across the world.

From small components in packing lines & letter sortation to pallet delivery along conveyor lines, ConveyorTek have a wide range of solutions available to maximise the efficiency of your business.

  • Wide range of solutions available
  • Reduce Manual Handling
  • Fast Recovery Rates in repaying the initial cost
  • Design systems to suit our customer's budgets
  • Designed to suit the environment that they are required to perform in

Design & Manufacture

The people from ConveyorTek Whether it be conveyors that transport recycled waste, stone, grain, coal or packaging, the team at ConveyorTek will strive to come up with innovative solutions.

  • Line Shaft Conveyors

    Line Shaft Conveyors

    This is an affordable and versatile system designed to transport light to medium duty products such as cardboard boxes, plastic...

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  • Zero Line Pressure Conveyors

    Zero Line Pressure Conveyors

    Conveyortek’s Zero Line Pressure (ZLP’s) conveyors offer an excellent solution when customers have a requirement to release their packages or...

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  • Spiral Conveyors

    Spiral Conveyors

    Spiral Conveyors offer an excellent solution to the problem of transferring a range of products between various floor heights.

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  • Elevator Conveyors

    Elevator Conveyors

    Conveyortek’s Lift Conveyors can offer a very affordable and flexible solution to height variance requirements in factories and process operations.

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  • EasiKit Modular Conveyors

    EasiKit Modular Conveyors

    ConveyorTek supply a wide range of modular conveyor systems. Fast-Affordable-Modular.

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  • Extending Boom Conveyors

    Extending Boom Conveyors

    ConveyorTek’s unique design for unloading trailers in logistics depots provides a cost effective and efficient solution for high volume process...

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  • Letter Sorting Conveyors

    Letter Sorting Conveyors

    ConveyorTek can design and manufacture a range of belt conveyors suitable for the manual sortation of parcels and letters.

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  • Electrical Automation

    Electrical Automation

    ConveyorTek's Electrical Division design and manufacture Control systems for automated control of their conveyor systems.

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FMH Conveyors

ConveyorTek proudly represent FMH Conveyors throughout the North and South of Ireland, with a complete range of conveyor systems available to complement our growing portfolio.

  • BestFlex Roller Conveyor

    BestFlex Roller Conveyor

    This flexible gravity conveyor is excellent for handling oddly shaped boxes, bags and low grade cartons.

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  • BestFlex 200

    BestFlex 200

    A proven performer for truck loading and unloading. This gravity powered conveyor is ideally suited for packaging, shipping and flexible...

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  • PowerFlex 19

    PowerFlex 19

    Powered flexible conveyor built to handle high use applications. Ideally suited for truck loading and unloading, distribution centres, packaging, mobile...

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  • BestConnect


    BestConnect Conveyor system is designed to provide rapid assembly of conveyor solutions for changing workplaces.

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  • BestReach Telescopic Boom Conveyor

    BestReach Telescopic Boom Conveyor

    BestReach Telescopic Boom Conveyor extends directly into the trailer without the need of any support to transport items quickly and...

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  • BestReach Gravity Telescopic Boom Conveyor

    BestReach Gravity Telescopic Boom Conveyor

    BestReach Gravity Telescopic Boom Conveyor will load items by extending directly into a trailer.

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Maintenance & Aftercare

ConveyorTek pride themselves in the quality of aftercare service that is provided to the customer, with service teams on hand in each division, ConveyorTek are ready to serve.

  • Quick response
  • Highly Experienced Site Service Engineers
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Competitive service rates
  • Factory Conveyor Installation

    Factory Conveyor Installation

    ConveyorTek engineers are fully trained to the latest health & safety standards and are fully aware of modern EN guarding...

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What Our Customers Say...

“ConveyorTek consistantly go above and beyond to offer fantastic products and outstanding customer support”

Tom Carse Operations Manager Tenants Fertiliser