Bulk Materials Handling

Design and manufacture of complete conveyor systems for bulk materials including coal, quarrying, mining and more.

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Parcel & Package Handling

Conveyor Systems and Factory Automation for the Unit Handling Industry, with complete Automated control.

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Metal Separation & Detection

Metal Separation. Overband Conveyor Magnets, Eddy Current Separators, ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery & more.

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based in northern ireland, conveyortek have been supplying bespoke conveyor systems, components and metal separation equipment to customers throughout the world for many years.

As one of Europe’s leading conveyor system manufacturers, we ensure every aspect of conveyor system design from speed control to inclination angle is carefully planned to ensure maximum protection and longevity of our customers.  We offer a wide range of conveyor belt systems to meet a variety of budgets, this includes everything from bulk materials handling and parcel handling conveyor belt systems, to metal detection and magnetic separation equipment such as conveyor magnets and Eddy Current Separators.  Contact ConveyorTek today to find out how we can assist with your conveyor needs.

Recent Project

Client: Parcel Sorting Depot in N Ireland

  • Parcel Sortation Conveyors

Conveyortek recently installed an extending boom conveyor and semi-automated parcel sortation system into one of Northern Ireland's busiest logistics hubs. The system is succesfully unloading over...

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A Game Changer For  ConveyorTek in 2018

A Game Changer For ConveyorTek in 2018

ConveyorTek have recently invested in high tech magnet manufacturing equipment and production facilities to support...

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