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Case Study

Fast Delivery of Modular Conveyor Systems for the Recycling Industry

Conveyortek’s successful delivery of 8 conveyor systems to integrate into an existing recycling system in Tralee Co Kerry within 2 weeks has allowed their Dillon Waste to increase production to keep up with demand.


In an already tight for space layout, Conveyortek needed to deliver 8 conveyors of different widths and lengths within 2 weeks. Achieving this would require a modular fast assembly conveyor system that could be shipped quickly.


The Easikit trough belt conveyors are modular conveyors that allow you to install the exact conveyor that your business needs easily and quickly. The modular sections are joined together using a specialised coupling assembly system. Easikit is available in any combination or length in a range of widths from 300 to 1500mm.

Mike O’Brien, Plant and Operations Manager at Dillon Waste and Recycling stated,’ we chose the ConveyorTek Easikit system because its flexible design allowed it to exactly match our very specific requirements. Due to an increase in production and plant expansion, we required conveyors quickly and the modular system perfectly suited our existing factory layout. ConveyorTek were able to successfully deliver all 8 off conveyors in 2 weeks allowing us to complete the project within the required limited timeframe’.



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