Conveyortek designs and manufactures technically advanced and innovative conveyor systems for bulk and unit handling applications. We offer an extensive range of conveyors, from modular packages to completely bespoke, with optional automation integration available.



When looking at different conveyor system design challenges, solutions are rarely the same. Conveyortek endeavour to understand the customer’s processes in order to propose the right solution. This understanding along with the wide range of conveyor system products that Conveyortek have on offer, allow a tailored approach.




Conveyortek has extensive experience of designing uniline conveyor systems to suit the differing requirements of order picking, sortation, manufacturing production lines and pallet handling applications.

We offer options to suit every budget, from affordable modular systems, which are available for immediate delivery, to fully bespoke automated systems. Our uniline conveyor products provide scope for any possible configuration to ensure that all aspects of the design result in the most efficient transport process possible.

We supply distribution depots, factories, warehouses and manufacturing and processing plants in industries such as logistics and warehousing, parcel and packaging, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and other general process industries.




Conveyortek has successfully designed and installed an extensive range of bespoke conveyor systems to suit the different property characteristics of the various materials in each bulk handling sector, meaning that we have an in-depth knowledge of how each behaves.

We focus on ensuring that all our bulk conveyors are appropriately robust and reliable for the task required with emphasis on on-going operational efficiency, process reliability and spillage control. Every conveyor begins with first principle design calculations using our own in-house programs, thus verifying the selection of each component.

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Conveyortek is committed to offering a world-class service, from concept to completion and beyond. We love the opportunity for individual consultations - so please get in touch today and let us talk to you about your unique needs.

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