Applying the latest Technologies to the industries served in, Conveyortek are leading the way on automation and immersive technologies. With a range of services available from full automation of conveyor systems to augmented reality training on products designed and manufactured inhouse as well as supporting other manufactures move into the world of augmented and virtual reality.



Immersive Technologies such as virtual reality and Augmented Reality have become more than just a conceptual experience. The use in design, research and development can have huge savings on cost and time compared to traditional prototype trialling. The Immersive technologies give you a mirrored reality experience. The use of these technologies from design, to production planning, assembly, product training, maintenance assistance, and 3d operational and maintenance manuals is endless.

Immersive technology



Using a combination of hardware and software, Conveyortek’s electrical division design and manufacture control systems for integration with any of our conveyor systems.

Each system is individually designed to suit the specific application and requirements. Conveyortek’s highly experienced electrical team will project manage the entire process of automation interaction to ensure the best possible design, layout, functionality and safety for your operation.

All Conveyortek automation systems are designed to:

  • Collect, monitor, process and report on real-time data

  • Enhance process efficiency

  • Minimise human error and product wastage

  • Provide fast and accurate reporting




Designing in 3D, has allowed Conveyortek to easily integrate their products into existing conveyor systems designs, and assists other plant manufactures to easily do this with conveyortek products with 3D STEP files.




With a wide range of industry experience, Conveyortek are at hand to help find solutions for the trickiest of applications. From concept design to dynamic and theoretical conveyor calculations, Conveyortek can offer an easy to deal with experience when it comes to problem solving.

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Conveyortek is committed to offering a world-class service, from concept to completion and beyond. We love the opportunity for individual consultations - so please get in touch today and let us talk to you about your unique needs.

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