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Case Study

Pro Flow Liners with tricky sticky Limestone

Limestone which is a key ingredient in the cement industry, can also prove tricky to handle, conveyor and contain, but with design considerations from the outset there are many ways to make life easier when dealing with this material.


Build-up of material on silo walls can cause long periods of down time and loss of productivity. When faced with a tricky limestone material, Conveyortek were contacted to provide a feasible solution to combat the effects of limestone ‘bridging’ or ‘ratholing’ inside the silo.

Material would first stick to the wall of the silo, then to itself causing a huge build up, eventually bridging the opposite side of the silo. With the Silo being classed as a confined space, and working at heights, Conveyortek, had no problem helping out, with each of the personnel suitable trained to carry out these high risk works.


ConveyorTek recommended a preventative maintenance solution. This involved the lining of the silo walls with our Pro Flow lining material and regular inspections and maintenance by operations staff.

Pro Flow liners are high grade UHMWPE that have excellent wear resistant, high impact resistance and low co-efficient of friction properties, but which are also ‘self-lubricating’, which eases the flow of material down the silo walls and thereby limiting the opportunity for it to build up on the walls and on itself.They are also ductile, allowing for ease of installation in tight radius applications.

With the correct installation they can be used on steel or concrete substrates.



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