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Bulk Handling Conveyors

ConveyorTek has successfully designed and installed an extensive range of bespoke conveyor systems to suit the different property characteristics of the various materials in each bulk handling sector, meaning that we have an in-depth knowledge of how each behaves.

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At ConveyorTek we understand the importance of belt conveyor design that ensures operational and process reliability.

We manufacture a wide range of conveyor types ranging from those suitable for carrying abrasive materials to special heat, oil and flameproof applications.

Every conveyor begins with first principle design calculations using our own in-house programs thus verifying the optimum selection of each component such as the conveyor belt, idlers, pulleys etc.

At ConveyorTek we focus on ensuring that all our bulk conveyors are appropriately robust and reliable for the task required with an emphasis on operational efficiency and spillage control.

All our conveyors comply with current guarding standards.


  • Manufactured to DIN 22102 and covered by a 12 month warranty

  • Hot vulcanised branded with a unique quality identification number for full

  • Produced in EP Multiply Flat & Chevron , FabricBreaker, Ripstop, Straight Warp and oil/heat/fire/ frost resistant

  • Available customised with hot moulded cleats, siderails, cross-cleats and as overband magnet belts

  • Routinely quality tested in our in-house belt testing lab


  • Bulk Handling

  • Material Recycling

  • Mining

  • Quarrying


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Conveyor Systems Brochure

Brochure - PDF (2.84mb)

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Calculating the Length of a Belt in a Coil

Tek Bulletins - PDF (0.25mb)

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Conveyor Idler Options for Improved Performance

Tek Bulletins - PDF (0.35mb)

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Conveyor Transfer Points

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Getting the Best Out of a Vulcanised Joint

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