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Eddy Current Separator Conveyor

The advanced ConveyorTek CORE Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is widely used in the recycling industry to separate valuable non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and brass from a material stream.

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The Conveyortek Eddy Current Separator comes with different rotor options from 12 to 36 poles, depending on the size of non-ferrous metal metals needing separated. The machine can be supplied with an option for a vibrating pan feeder to help spread material evenly, presenting it at a consistent monolayer to the high speed ECS conveyor belt.

There is the additional option to include a ferrous drum separator to remove any further ferrous metals that could be damaging to the ECS system.

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  • Range of high strength options

  • Bespoke solutions available

  • Fast Endless Belt Change

  • Guaranteed performance

  • Test certified

  • Competitive pricing


  • Wood Waste metal recovery and protection

  • Material processing

  • Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

  • Electronic Equipment Recycling


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Metal Separation Brochure

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Eddy Current Separator Brochure

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