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Permanent Suspended Magnet

Used in crushing/screening, recycling and material/mineral processing, these magnets are suspended above a conveyor to extract ferrous metals from a conveyed stream of materials.

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The Permanent Magnet boxes are charged with high strength Strontium Ferrite Magnetic Material, and have the ability the extract ferrous metal from a wide range of belt conveyor applications. They range from as small as 400mm to 1200mm and above.

The range of different strength options will allow you to choose a suitable magnet for your application, taking into consideration, the shape, size and speed of conveyed material, as well as burden depth.

Suspension mechanism options available.


  • High strength magnet

  • Test certified & Guaranteed performance

  • Strong Magnetic Field

  • Competitive pricing & Fast delivery

  • Single or dual pole configuration

  • Optional stripper/cleaning plate


  • Wood Waste - plant protection

  • Material processing

  • Quarrying / Mining

  • Plastics recycling


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Metal Separation Brochure

Brochure - PDF (4.17mb)

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Suspended Magnets Brochure

Brochure - PDF (1.32mb)

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Magnet Design Safety

Tek Bulletins - PDF (0.18mb)



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