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Conveyortek’s various types of Chain Conveyors cover a substantial range of applications. Our team of engineers will evaluate each individual application, to ensure the optimal design is used and the correct chain and drive units are selected

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Chain Conveyors are an ideal choice where a belt using rollers may not be the best option. The chain runs parallel on guides made of angled steel, and around sprockets at the head and tail, Cross members are placed across the two strands of chain to provide a support. Slats or a rubber belt can then be bolted to the chain, to provide a surface to suit various products. 


  • Chain & Slat options

  • Chain & Rubber belt options

  • Steel Plate options

  • Horizontal conveying applications

  • Inclined conveying applications


  • Bulk Handling

  • Waste Recycling & Management

  • Paper & Glass industries

  • Swarf recovery applications



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