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Augmented Reality Concepts

AR brings the digital image to your workplace or customer’s site

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Augmented Reality is a fantastic technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Think ‘Holograms’ and you’re pretty close..

The Conveyortek team can develop a Conveyor or Metal Separation system or product and help customer’s to view it in their own chosen environment. This technology has endless possibilities and is a much more cost effective alternative to building prototypes or simply as a design stage before building working prototypes.

It can help users to literally ‘walk through’ the products and ‘look through walls or steel’ to view every single aspect of the design.

This is a fantastic tool to help all members of a project stakeholder team to appreciate operational, installation, maintenance and safety aspects of the design. No VR suite needed! This is the future of manufacturing assembly processes and maintenance solutions on customer’s sites! 


  • View your Digital product in a live real world

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Easy viewing on smart phones/tablets

  • No expensive hardware costs

  • Fantastic sales tool!

  • Create a digital image in your own environment


  • Prototype Development

  • Product evaluation

  • Operations and Maintenance Training

  • Industry 4.0 process Improvements

  • Improve Manufacturing Processes


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