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McKinstrys Choose Conveyortek

The biomass operation, part of the multi-award winning McKinstry Group, has gone from strength to strength since it was first established, with clients throughout the island of Ireland, the UK and farther afield.


Metal contamination within the woodchip biomass product can lead to serious wear and damage within incineration equipment and renewable energy processing plant. Such damage can lead to the cancellation of existing contracts to supply the fuel for these plants. Not only does the material get tested for metals at the end of the process, but McKinstrey Biomass also stringently test the wood fuel for contamination. Aaron adds, “Our in-house checks on the finished product is rigorous, covering everything from particle size and moisture content to non-ferrous metals, thus ensuring a clean biomass fuel at the end of the process.” Therefore, it was extremely important to deliver a very efficient metal separation system.


Choosing Conveyortek’s CORE Eddy Current Separator with its high efficiency in separation was key to achieving new contracts in the Biomass and Renewable Energy sector. Aaron adds, “The performance of our first ECS has been impressive; it has been extremely efficient, reliable and hassle-free, so there was really no other place to go when we needed a second machine.” Conveyortek’s fast turnaround allowed McKinstry Biomass to get up and running with their second site in order to fuel the demand for biomass fuels. “Another bonus of the ECS is that it is virtually self-sufficient, requiring minimal maintenance, and if we ever do encounter anyproblems, we have the confidence that the ConveyorTek team will only be a phone call away.” Aaron Rainey, McKinstry Biomass

Experience had shown McKinstry Biomass, when looking for metal separation solutions to remove metal from woodchip, that the ConveyorTek ECS was by far ‘the obvious Number One choice,” reported Aaron Rainey, Site Supervisor.



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