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Electromagnet Separator

The basic principle of an electromagnet is that magnetism ceases once the power supply is removed. This means the attracted objects can be released easily by turning off the power. They also produce much deep magnetic fields in comparison to permanent magnetic separators.

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Current running through copper/aluminium cables wrapped around a steel armature produces magnetic fields.

Electromagnetic separators are used for both heavy and fines recovery and are available with a self-cleaning conveyor, or just as a suspended electromagnet block

Conveyor supply both oil cooled electromagnets and also air cooled which performs conductivity cooling for use in areas that restrict the use of flammable insulation oil.

Optional : Explosion-proof motor, Zero-speed switch,

Armoured Belt, Turn buckle supports, Combination geared or push trolley hoists


  • Available in a full range of standard units, from 600mm to 2200mm belt widths

  • Transverse or inline suspension options available

  • For 24-hour around-the-clock operation

  • Featuring deep and powerful magnetic fields

  • FeaturingClass “H” insulation levels

  • All guarding and control panels are manufactured to European standards and CE marked


  • Crushing / Screening

  • Mining

  • Recycling

  • Power Generation


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Metal Separation Brochure

Brochure - PDF (4.17mb)

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Electromagnet Separator Brochure

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Magnetic Force Information

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Magnet Design Safety

Tek Bulletins - PDF (0.18mb)



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