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Easikit is a range of conveyors designed, manufactured and installed by Coveya. Available in a range of widths from 300mm to 1500mm, our conveyors can be configured to your required length and specification due to their modular design.

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The EasiWheel is a versatile, wheeled undercarriage specifically designed for the Easikit 450 and Easikit 600 conveyor belts. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the EasiWheel is a great addition to construction sites dealing with rugged terrain. The lightweight undercarriage can be fitted at any point of the conveyor frame and is fixed securely in place using simple over-centre latches.  


  • Suitable for Easikit 450 and 600 models

  • Lightweight and easy to move

  • Robust construction

  • Large pneumatic wheels


  • Rugged Construction sites

  • Workshops

  • Stockpiling

  • Refurbishment Industries



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