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Cross belt Overband Conveyor Magnet

ConveyorTek manufacture high efficiency Cross belt Self-Cleaning Overband Conveyor Magnets, with a wide range of strengths for extracting ferrous metal at operating gaps up to 350mm.

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Self-Cleaning Inline Conveyor Magnets are positioned at the head of a conveyor, separating ferrous metal from material as it flows over the head drum. There are many benefits with this type of installation and usually produce higher efficiency separation results than cross belt suspension.

Generally used in applications where material size is long or irregular, separating at the conveyor transition point is preferred, and can limit damage to the conveyor belt.

Depending on the shape, size and speed of the mixed material, there is a self-cleaning conveyor magnet option to suit. These inline conveyor magnets come with options for magnet extensions to help carry the metal further, limiting the additional cost and weight of a full magnet assembly.


  • High strength magnet

  • Electric or hydraulic drive option

  • Guaranteed Performance

  • Guaranteed Performance

  • Competitive pricing

  • Fast delivery


  • Wood Waste – metal recovery & protection

  • Material processing

  • Quarrying / Mining – Plant protection

  • Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

  • Electronic Equipment Recycling


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Magnet Design Safety

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